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Hurray, my first app in the Apple AppStore

Finally my busy weekend iOS projects manifest themselves outside my computer. When the Covid virus lashed out on us and I suddenly had more time then I wanted. So I started out on a new development journey. When projects offers came back, I had to switch to weekends and everything took much longer.

A couple of unfinished apps

The little kitten calculator is not my first app project. A couple of others came before, mainly for training. One is still under development. When I find some time I will come back to it. It should have been the first app for the AppStore but I made a huge beginners mistake: Everything worked fine - but only on my old iPhone X, which I use for development. Testing it with other device sizes revealed that it was not scaling properly.

New App - new website

I also created a small website for this app - and later apps. I called the project etoto.


Here is the AppStore Link

Download Kitten Calculator from the AppStore