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Gingerbread decorated Porsche

White christmas in Berlin

Three weeks ago I had already some snow in Thuringia on my way to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, where I went for a shadowing on Porsche rental operators.

Looking back at 2021

In the beginning of 2021 freelance opportunities were rare as in the 2020 when Corona hit with full force. With a friend of mine we wanted to check out the demand for online workshops, built up the Torch site , invested some money in adwords, made Google a little richer and saw no demand.

Luckily my first freelance project started in March with Deutsche Bahn, but did not last as expected for the rest of the year, because to many developers left all at once. I might go into this subject another time. In June I worked with etribes for Knauf, a multinational family owned producer of gypsum products for building constructions.

Finally in August I started working with UDG for Porsche. And this is the reason for this years holiday image.